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You might recognize Award Winning Composer Jawn Star as Southern California's 'Piano Man'. Or it could be from that pub in Ireland, TV show in Brazil or outdoor concert in Germany. Jawn Star has been involved in the entertainment business since 1970 and is best known as keyboardist/vocalist for the band PLAYER whose number one hit “Baby Come Back” is recognized & loved by everyone. He’s performed for audiences worldwide including The President & Vice President of the United States and their families, and Albert Einstein Jr. who called Jawn Star, “…the Musical Genius”.

​The voice of Jawn Star has been likened to all four Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Lynne & Frank Sinatra, yet it has a unique, sonically pleasing & arousing quality all it’s own. His songs are moving and stimulating, his seemingly effortless mastery of the piano the perfect compliment to his one-in-a-million voice. He turns a guitar into an orchestra. 

He began playing guitar at the age of 8, did his first professional gig at 10, picked up the piano at 12, and by the time he turned 18, had composed, performed and produced an album of original songs, singing all the parts, playing all the instruments and even designing the cover. He started his full time performing career at age 19 playing at bars and events as a solo act and with groups. Entertaining up to 7 nights a week provided the perfect opportunity for tightening chops & learning how to work a crowd. His solid musicianship and dynamic stage presence have endeared him to thousands of audiences worldwide.

​The music & voice of Jawn Star can be heard via Records, 8-traks, CDs, scores, soundtracks & ad spots around the world.

He is currently promoting his latest solo original album release, "PURE MAGIC" and putting the finishing touches on a brand new "LIVE" project entitled "MIRACLE AND MADNESS" which involves some of L.A.'s top music professionals.

​Jawn Star has performed with/for Dr. Albert Einstein Jr., the President & Vice President of the United States and First Families, Tom Jones, Brad Paisley, Sue Wong, Smokey Robinson, Jakob Dylan, Guy Sebastion, Eric Burdon, Billy Sherwood (YES, CIRCA), Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT) Ronn Moss (PLAYER, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL), Peter Beckett (PLAYER, LITTLE RIVER BAND), Rob Math (PLAYER), Jimmy Carnelli (PLAYER, ROGER WILLIAMS), Craig Pilo (FRANKIE VALLI), Johnny Bruhns (CIRCA, CHRIS SQUIRE), Cheech Marin (CHEECH & CHONG), Adrian Tapia (BOZ SCAGGS), MAX AMERICA aka Mark Anthony (The Hollywood Stars, KISS, ALICE COOPER), Jon Elefante, John Elefante (KANSAS), Joe Puerta (AMBROSIA), Dave Amato & Bryan Hitt (REO SPEEDWAGON), Fernando Perdomo (JAKOB DYLAN, ANDY PRATT, LINDA PERHACS) , David Carradine, Patrick Warburton, Frank Stallone, Taylor Dayne, Annabella Lwin (BOW WOW WOW), James "BINO" Lewis ("IKE" & TINA TURNER), Elena DaVinci, Brazil's "Xuxa", Fred Waring, Al Wilson, Skip E. Lowe, Gloria Allred, Steven Bauer, Michelle Shocked, ‘Dr.’ Sean Millar, Alan Roy Scott and many more.

​Musicianship notwithstanding, the original music & lyrics of Jawn Star shine as a beacon of hope for all and inspire a deep emotional experience that stirs the soul and warms the heart, making Jawn Star one of the most important musical artists of our time.

By the age of 10, Jawn Star had already logged the 10,000 hours required to become a kick ass troubadour of the new millennium. His first band "Big Jawn & the Electric Angels" rocked the Chino Valley area. Then as a teenager, upon becoming a member of the "James Rudi Band", his influence expanded to the Inland Empire and beyond... 

With the release of his first album "PRELUDE" (on cassette & 8-trak cartridge) on which he composed & performed all instruments, vocals and tracks, the wheels were in motion for some very interesting developments to take place in the decades to come.

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